Farmer and Tractor

A private mid-cap high quality pet food and food ingredients business with approximately 220 employees located in three geographically separate locations. The company’s revenue streams originate from the manufacturing of pet food and food ingredients, commodities trading, and logistics services.

The Situation

The company has recently brought on a new CEO and COO to assist taking the company to the next level through expanding the core products, strategic acquisitions, increasing activity in commodities trading, and product expansion.   Through strategic initiatives the company is in a position where it could experience a doubling in personnel within the next 5 years.  Management requested a review of the Human Resource function to ensure the function had the proper processes and personnel in place to be the strategic business partner necessary to successfully support the organization during the period of substantial growth.

The Deliverables

  • Assessed the strengths and limitations of the Human Resource function based on feedback from staff interviews with executive team, human resources and each division of the organization.
  • Provided recommendations based on current trends and best practices from human resource functions at employer of choice organizations.
  • Reviewed internal documentation and examined the company’s compliance with established regulations and/or company policies.

The Results Achieved

  • Assessment of employee engagement was provided to management, which identified key areas for improvement and optimization with noticeable link to performance.
  • Thirty-seven detailed best practice recommendations were presented to the client for the primary components of the HR function including workforce planning, recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, documentation, and personnel policies.
  • Areas of suspected non-compliance with current employment practices were brought to management’s attention for further review and audit.

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