Yolo County Food Bank

3P Partners is participating in the 2019 Yolo County Food Bank Drive.

Despite being known for an abundant agricultural economy, as many as 1 in 4 children in Yolo County do not have enough to eat, senior citizens and rural residents are disproportionately impacted, as are the working families, the recently unemployed, veterans, students and migrant farm workers. By providing for the nourishment of our most vulnerable neighbors, the Yolo Food Bank is a partner in raising the quality of life for all who live and do business in Yolo County.

Founded nearly 50 years ago, Yolo County Food Bank's goal is to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in Yolo County by coordinating the storage and distribution of more than 4 million pounds of food annually.  Yolo County Food Bank provides food to 55,000 people in 19,000 households each month.  Made up of volunteers, staff, families, and local businesses, this program promotes community strength and cultivates new sources of food for our neighbors each day.

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NPAworldwide Recruitment Network

Founded in 1956, NPAworldwide has nearly 500 locations across six continents.  NPAworldwide members provide access to affiliated firms with market knowledge, language and cultural sensitivity, legal expertise, and best-fit candidates for openings in the countries where you are hiring.

NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to recruitment firms with a proven track record of both experience and success.  Members are highly vetted and held to an ethics code to ensure that everyone is committed to conducting business with integrity and focused on building long term relationships.

University of California, Davis

3P Partners fosters a strong relationship with the UC Davis community. To promote student outreach, 3P will be tabling at the 2019 Fall Quarter Career Fair as well as holding resume workshops, student networking events, and presentations for major business clubs on campus this upcoming school year. 

In 2017, 3P Partners initiated an Award program to help subsidize the education of low income students. To date, 3P Partners has committed $20,000 to the program and continues to support the continued advancement of UC Davis alum by offering an ongoing internship program.

Davis Chamber of Commerce

Since its inception in 1905, the Davis Chamber of Commerce has had a commitment to the local community. Our Chamber is a vibrant business organization which reflects the vitality, education, community involvement, and quality of life characteristics of our locale. With over 700 members, it is an invaluable resource to individuals, organizations and businesses, offering opportunities for growth, education, professional seminars and networking.